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The Body Mass Index is a controversial statistical measurement which compares a person's weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it may be a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is. Due to its ease of measurement and calculation, it is the most widely used diagnostic tool to identify weight problems within a population including: underweight, overweight and obesity.

The Body Mass Index is defined as the individual's body weight divided by the square of his or her height. Unfortunately the BMI often offers poor representation to athletic and muscular individuals by classifying them as "overweight". While it can be a good indicator of the healthiness of your weight if you fall within certain statistical norms that were used to develop it, it should be taken with a significant grain of salt and should not be used as a substitute for a professional evaluation of your health by a doctor.  

BMI = weight(lb) x 4.88 / height²(ft²)


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